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Dear Zazeen clients. Many of us just look to place our TV sets in a most convenient location and/or using furniture that looks good, usually resulting in a sub-optimal mounting height. If it's too low, watching TV with the head pointed downwards over the years can cause degenerative disc disease, resulting in tingling and pain. If you mount the TV too high, the viewing angle can affect your picture quality. That is why we will offer a few tips to mount your TV properly.

Rule of thumb for mounting your TV is to have the centre of the screen at eye-height of the tallest member of your household in their regular tv-viewing position. If they sit down to watch TV, another member of the household can use measuring tape to measure it out. Typically it is around 42"/105cm for an average adult on an average couch, but it's always best to measure it out. The reason we are picking the tallest member of the household is that having the TV mounted a little high (as long as the viewing angle is under 10 degrees) won't hurt anyone and it will still be comfortable for the tallest member of your household.

For mounting, you can use an entertainment unit, a TV stand or mount directly to the wall. If you are uncomfortable with mounting your TV, hiring a professional to do it is cheap insurance to avoid property damage and/or injury caused by a fallen TV set.

Most entertainment units are a bad idea because they place the TV too low for comfortable viewing. Some offer height adjustments, but they usually command a hefty premium. Even if you have an older entertainment unit, as long as there is room at the top, you should consider propping up the TV.

Nowadays, adjustable height TV stands are cheap ($100 ballpark) and easily available. As long as you make sure to match the stand to your TV set's size and weight, that's the best option since it doesn't involve damaging your wall, offers some counter space for your set-top boxes and other multimedia devices and allows you to set the correct height.

Another option is to mount your TV set direct to the wall. The risks are that your mounting won't hold and you would be damaging your wall, so if you are not 100% confident in your mounting skills, you would be better off hiring a professional. The up-side of wall-mounting is that it's cheaper and looks better than any of the above options. Smaller set-top boxes and OTT media players can even be mounted to the back of your TV set using hook and loop (commonly known as "Velcro") strips. If you have drywall, it is best to screw directly into the stud (use a stud-finder), solid concrete walls respond well to many different types of anchors, but you should be wary of mounting anything on cinderblock walls as they are prone to crumbling.

You should also consider screen mounting heights for your personal computers and workstations. We hope you find this information to be of some use and that it helps you enjoy our service to the fullest!

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