increased pricing for skinny basic

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Re: increased pricing for skinny basic

Postby Nink » Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:35 pm

for early adopters we had a good run. We were getting Beta prices originally with credits when it came out of Beta, then 1 year prepaid for low rate. I guess at some point you need to switch from being a startup burning through piles of cash to a business at least breaking even.
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Re: increased pricing for skinny basic

Postby bjlockie » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:11 am

rednekcowboy wrote:
bjlockie wrote:There so many bugs (recording, dlna) and no 5.1 audio that I really wish they'd upgrade the software.

What recording bugs do you have?

I don't think 5.1 audio is a platform issue but more of a bandwidth issue that would have a direct impact on costs and push them even higher. Mind you if Minerva would get off their behinds so that 265 encoding could be used, it might save enough bandwidth to be able to make up for the loss with 5.1 audio.

Recording bugs, sometimes it records, sometimes it doesn't or it records but ends early (may be guide issues).

5.1 may be bandwidth and I'll be surprised if Zazeen goes 5.1 if they get 265 encoding.

What current hardware can decode 265?
Entone 450?
Entone 500?
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